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SFAB Engineering is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, offering Quality Steel Fabrication and manufacturing of High Security and Residential Steel frame windows.

Our experienced team of professional welders and fabricators can help you with all your general steel fabrication and structural needs as well as the design, manufacture and installation of steel joinery throughout Australia for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and architectural projects, as well as other specialist applications requiring greater design scope, security, strength and performance, including:
General Steel Fabrication for Commercial and Residential applications.
Steel Security Windows for incarceration, containment or protective applications
Steel Framed Window and Doors Commercial and Residential applications.

sfab Exceeds Australian Test Standards With
U.S. Standard Security WINDOW & DOOR FRAME Systems

(SFAB Laboratory Test Report Photos)

☎: 0400 579 990 ✉:

☎: 0400 579 990


S FAB Engineering

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SFAB Engineering


SFAB Quality Steel Fabrication, TRUSTED BY

SFAB Quality Steel Fabrication, TRUSTED BY

SFAB Engineering, 23 Keller Crescent, Carrara, QLD, 4211,
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